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Refined, glamorous and unique are the accessories and objects Gioie di Carol in very light cork fabric. Also perfect as a gift idea.

Elements bracelets

They are gritty and very light. The Elements bracelets speak for you. Choose the mood that most belongs to you or compose the word you want.

E-Gift card

Are you undecided? You don't know the tastes of the gift recipient and you don't want to make a mistake? Choose to give an E-Gift card to make the perfect gift!

Face masks

Protective face masks made of 100% cotton, washable and reusable. Suitable for adults and children. Double layer of fabric for a double-sided effect. Funny and colorful, they bring a little lightness and good humor.


Completely handmade, from the project of the design model to the application of the final details, the Gioie di Carol bags and clutches are a guarantee of craftsmanship performed with dedication, good taste and research. They are characterized by the high quality of the materials used, such as full-grain leather and cork fabric from Italy and Portugal, where this precious material is cultivated and expertly worked.

Full Moon

The jewels of the Full Moon collection bring to mind the charm and majesty of the full moon with all its sparkle. The colored crystals will illuminate your special evenings and the cork set in the center will give character to your outfit.


Say it with cork! Express what you have in your heart with color and lightness. The Cupido collection was born for this reason. To shout out loud how great and joyful your feelings towards those you love are. On Valentine's Day and beyond!

Gingilli Crystals

Imagine a waterfall of colored crystals and pendants made of cork, that is cut and painted by hand. The Gingilli Crystals earrings give you a sophisticated look. Bright, very light and unpaired, they manage to capture attention by giving a touch of uniqueness.


Here is the brand's more playful collection of jewelry, which combines the lightness of cork with the natural comfortable and elegant character evoked by real leather, that I take very often from the surpluses of the fashion industry.

First Love

The first love is never forgotten. And the First Love Collection is just what Gioie di Carol began with to design earrings that make cork as the great protagonist in women's fashion accessories.


The Bricks Collection is synonymous with time and patience. Because that's what it takes to turn a simple piece of cork into beautiful and light colored bricks that make these jewels so original.